Where it began — Our Intro

Where to start, we would love the opportunity to write and showcase to you what is happening in the world of all things concept… furniture, interiors and all forms of design lifestyle. 

Who are we?

Concept is a furniture supplier, working alongside over 50 brands. We take huge pride in the partnerships with our manufacturers and furniture designers. They are the source to creating the vision for each and every project which we have our way. 

Our portfolio of furniture styles is both creative and versatile. 

Suitable to match the furniture requirements of many different projects. From work space, to commercial, office, hospitality, residential and education.

We are so privileged to be partnered up with some of the leading names in the furniture design industry. 

Some classic brands with iconic items, to cutting edge products designed for something ‘different ‘, all the way through to bespoke items – altered and designed to tailor individual needs.

We work extremely closely with all representatives of each of the brands, building long lasting partnerships that will allow our combined future projects to flourish to their full potential. 

Where it all began?

Although as a company we are young – at Concept we have a team with over ‘40 years’ of experience in the industry. 

This stretches from work place consultancy, furniture distribution, representation to design and space planning. 

Our team consists of individuals that are experts in each of their roles. 

How we work?

Our goal is to get to know each of our clients, to understand their needs and direction of creativity. 

This will allow us to have a visualisation of how to propose the ‘perfect’ brands to meet the needs of the project at hand. 

Allowing our client to make an informed choice of products, based on cost, design, fit and feel. 

We will order, deliver and install the furniture on each site. Meeting all criteria and time frames. The journey will continue with our aftercare service. 

We will help from start to end. Our categorical goal is to treat each partnership with a unique eye for detail, which will ultimately create mutual successes along the way- but most importantly deliver something exclusive within the market. 

As a company our offering can assist with:

  • The tender stage, meeting budgets where its needed. 
  • Supply of product samples, material samples 
  • We can produce mood boards 
  • Help with the delivery of technical drawings, for interior spaces and bespoke fittings
  • We can help assist with space planning 
  • The creation of schedules and time frames for each project at hand
  • We can propose on trend alternative furniture selections
  • The ultimate delivery of the final project, making every piece of the puzzle fit.
  • Bespoke furniture design 
  • 3D visualisation of spaces and furniture choices 
  • Aftercare and product guarantees 
  • Project management 

More services

We are extremely proud of our extended services, allowing us to offer our clients a wider range of options. 

Interior Design support:

We have a team of interior designers with many years of experience in the market. That can create innovative spaces in any sector needed. 

Producing Autocad drawings, 3D modelling to 3D renders. 

Our Partners will work closely with each client ensuring that the creation of the space meets every brief.

Move management:

We work alongside BMG, an extremely established company in the business moves field.

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