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Concept — Office and Interiors Realised

Concept is a furniture supplier, working alongside over 50 brands. We take huge pride in the partnerships with our manufacturers and furniture designers. They are the source to creating the vision for each and every project which we have our way.


Our portfolio of furniture styles is both creative and versatile. Suitable to match the furniture requirements of many different projects. From work space, to commercial, office, hospitality, residential and education.

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Experience and expertise

Although as a company we are young – at Concept we have a team with over ‘40 years’ of experience in the industry.


This stretches from work place consultancy, furniture distribution, representation to design and space planning. Our team consists of individuals that are experts in each of their roles.

Stories and thoughts on design

We are passionate about all things design – here we share interesting and beautiful things from across the web and discuss the latest trends in interior and office design.


We welcome you to contact us for more information about any of our products or services.

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